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>>/v/388 >>381 Instruction manuals had cool art tough >>387 yes
>>/v/387 >>380 You mean bit rot?
>>/en/2063 I went to it when I was super young. It's not an amusement park that gets talked about a lot. Places like that were magical befo
>>/en/2062 I don't use Signal, or I would at least check it out.
>>/h3/249 >>246 I prefer general boards rather than subject specific ones. As for /kind/, it shuts down all the time ever since 8chan tur
>>/v/386 >>58 why dont people just play YGOPRO?
>>/v/385 >>380 i have a handful of switch games that have instruction manuals...
>>/v/384 >>383 thx
>>/v/383 >>382 I get the error as well but refreshing the page usually works
>>/v/382 >>54 Pokemon Clover, on my PSP 10/10 recommended >>341 I get this error when playing the swf: ># Error Info >Error name: C
>>/v/381 >>380 I don't really like instruction manuals, I prefer things to be explained in the game instead. Mainly just because I don't
>>/v/380 >>44 I would say no since these will deteriorate as time goes on and one day will no longer be readable. I do miss the times
>>/v/379 i did a new game+ run for Death End re;Quest 2. i've been getting super into Compile Heart's games recently, they're all really
>>/h3/248 >>247 not like these boards have any particular direction. unless you're pushing an agenda or are a turbo autist there's better
>>/v/378 >>44 i just like to look at the boxart, and i don't view having to get up and manually switch out the disk/cartridge as a negat
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